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Feb 27, 2013 7:00pm PST
, let's listen to nancy mccagney. we were at the zen center in san francisco, and one of the appeals of buddhism is something we've already seen in hinduism and heard over and over again in our class, which is a real desire on the part of those of us in this complex, overwhelming, stressful world we all live in, for some kind of interconnectedness, for some kind of inner peace. and nancy mccagney will talk about one of the newest traditions in buddhism, which is actually wilderness hiking - kind of a combination of monist mysticism and nature mysticism. so let's hear from nancy mccagney at the zen center in san francisco. >> we're at the san francisco zen center, and we're speaking with professor nancy mccagney from the university of delaware. now, nancy has a very interesting field of study, because it combines eastern religions, particularly buddhism, and also environmental studies, environmental ethics. nancy, why is there a natural connection between buddhism and environmental ethics? >> i think one of the reasons is seeing the entire universe as the buddha, and this planet as the b
Feb 27, 2013 7:30pm PST
and achieve it. and of course, meditation becomes the key way. and we get back to nancy mccagney's earlier comments about attention, and this is the end result of the eightfold path- to put yourself in a situation in a community, amongst people in a life situation, in which you can keep your attention focused on the present, on what you're doing, and monitor that constant, constant tendency on the part of humans to pull yourself away. in other words, the latter parts of the path- and here in buddhism we see a wide variety of meditative practices, following teachers, whatever, in order to get there. but the idea is you have to get there. the only way that you can achieve enlightenment is to monitor constantly that tendency on your part to pull away from the rest of the world around you, and run life as though you were the only power station in control of everything else. i mean, that's about the best that i can say of the analogy- it's going to be meditation practices, it's going to be rituals, it's going to be prayers and other sorts of buddhism. but what you need to do to fulfill the eigh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2